Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Retreat kits

 This is a fairly simple wall hanging. The idea came from the Paper Creations magazine.  I've used lace, beading, buttons, sewing and Stickles on the copy of the vintage postcard.  It was easy to make but a bit time consuming with the fan things.  (I'm not sure what the official word is).  I am offering this as a kit at our retreat for $15.00.  If anyone else is interested just email me.

 I have to admit, I thought this idea turned out really cute! This is a little lunch pail about 4.5" by 6" and 2.5" deep.  The idea is to fill it with treats and as a treat is taken out of the box it is replaced with a written blessing.  By the time Thanksgiving rolls around the kids have a great little container filled with things they are grateful for.  On the back I wrote this cute little poem:  Eat your treat piece by piece, until you dine at the turkey feast.  Record your blessings as you go, and gratitude you soon will sow. I wanted to make this a little less expensive so each child in a family could have their own but the cost of the lunch boxes are a bit expensive and difficult to get.  I currently have only 5 but I hope to find some more.  The cost for this kit is $12.
This is the last kit I did for the retreat. It is a Karen Foster advent calendar that I have decorated up including a button in the middle (day 13) that can be pushed and plays, Santa Claus is coming to town.  This is a smaller advent calendar than before so once decorated it is somewhat affordable.  The size is smaller though, about 9"x9".  It was fun to make and each little drawer opens up to be filled with something special each year.  I usually just stay with the traditional red and green Christmas colors but those lines of paper seem to be fairly sophisticated or else the store doesn't have the paper line yet.  I hope the teal color won't turn too many people off.  I used the new My Mind's Eye Christmas Paper line. The cost for this will be $38.00.

Tonight is my first class back at Heartland for about a year and a half.  I am looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to seeing old and new friends!

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  1. Everything is so cute, Teresa - you are just amazing!!! - Dorene