Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday Calendar

I have been so busy!!!! I had a scrapbook retreat at my house this last weekend. We had so much fun!! We set up the tables to face the big screen TV and I introduced everyone to North and South (BBC movie - almost as good as Pride and Prejudice), and then we watched Wives and Daughters, the new Emma, Little Dorritt (love it) and of course, P and P, the ultimate girl movie. Immediately afterwards I drove to my parents who are about 5 hours away and spent a couple days with them in the hospital. Their lives are consumed with health issues right now - very stressful.
I made this Happy Birthday Calendar for the Heartland Paper Retreat in Eden, Utah, April 22-25th. We have a few more beds left if you would like to join us!!!! It is $249 with all the food included (we have a great cook coming), sleeping arrangements in some very nice condos, scrapbooking in the clubhouse and lots of fun!!!!!!!!! We will be having a New Moon night with lots of goodies and classes and kits if you desire to buy one. Great fun. We also have another retreat coming up the last weekend in September if you need to save money. It is worth it.
The cost on the Birthday Calendar is $25.


  1. I totally cannot wait for the retreat!!! I'm missing you and Pat like crazy and when I see all these cute new projects you're doing I really miss being at work too!!! Still moving boxes.....does it ever end??

  2. Teresa! I LOVE THIS! I have had such a fun time looking through all of your previous posts. Can I order one of these even though I can't come to the retreat? I'm going to good North Carolina to visit my sister!